Safer Rwanda

Supporting education

SaferRwanda in partnership with Little sun foundation distributes lamps to school kids in off grid areas

SaferRwanda together with little sun foundation supports the improvement of quality education . The children in off-grid areas have a problem of revising books at night as well as teachers. In rural areas, school going children have not had the chance to do revision and homework at night .
Teachers in these schools have insufficient time to prepare for their lessons more so when making notes and marking books for students

SaferRwanda together with little sun foundation are much concerned with this group of children and their teachers, therefore we came up with a campaign of giving them reliable solar lamps to use during the night to make revision and do homework. These were an alternative of the unreliable toxic and costly kerosene lamps that they were using

SaferRwanda distributed the lamps in schools to thousands of children who have benefited and are now testifying on how the solar lamps are improving their performance in class. Therefore SaferRwanda has had a significant impact on the education sector in Rwanda