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Education with a focus on Promotion of Early Childhood Development (ECD)



The early moments of a child’s life matters and their impact can last a lifetime. SaferRwanda together with its partners are committed to enable children reach their full potential from the earliest stages to education.


SaferRwanda Home Based Early Childhood Development Center

According to the Rwanda Early Childhood Development policy (ECD), SaferRwanda established an Early Childhood development center in Rweru sector of Bugesera District after realizing the problem of poor and stunting growth in children.

50 children, 30 girls and 20 boys have been enrolled in the ECD this year, selected from poor and vulnerable families, They are provided with healthy and balanced meals, experience stimulating playing and basic educating ground.

SaferRwanda ECD center provides a safe learning environment that encourages physical, social, emotional and cognitive development while providing healthy and balanced meals.

In addition, we encouraged mothers grouped in saving circles, to save inorder to start their small businesses.


Solar Kids Project

Solar Kids project is a project by SaferRwanda in partnership with Little Sun Foundation that supports students and teachers to improve students academic performance by distributing solar lamps in schools.

These solar lamps give children 1,200 additional hours of study time after dark over the lifespan of the lamp while helping parents save up to 20% of their household’s income that would normally be spent on energy.

These lights also help teachers to work on lesson plans in the evenings when they get home.

Over 43,930 students and 957 teachers from 34 schools have been given solar lamps and this has improved the academic performances of the above beneficiaries.