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Who We Are?

Safer Rwanda is an independent non-state actor and non-for-profit organization formed under the parliamentary law № 20/2000 of 26/07/2000 of the Republic of Rwanda, establishing the functioning of non-profit making organizations. It was established to act as a forum for research, dialogue, analysis, and to facilitate in the implementation of policies that comprehensively address the issues of peace, security and development in 2000 and become fully operational in 2002 by 11 members, who later increased to 21 by 2008.

Our Vision

A Peaceful and prosperous society.

Our Mission

Safer Rwanda serves to enhance long-term human rights protection, poverty reduction, gender equality, environmental protection and upholds a culture of peace and safety in Rwanda.


> Combat illicit small arms and light weapons proliferation,
> Prevent and manage conflicts
> Promote early childhood development
> Promote good governance and democracy at national, district and local council level
> Promote gender equality and empowerment by fighting gender based violence and promoting income generation among women
> Participate effectively in policy dialogue, formulation, implementation and monitoring
> Protect the environment through providing alternative energy source and a forestation


Safer Rwanda has a general assembly composed of 21members which is the overall body of the organization and a board of directors composed of 7 members.