About Us


SaferRwanda is a National Non-Government (NGO) in Rwanda with a national scope that was founded on 21st September 2000 with a registration number 110/08.11 issued on 20/05/2013, under the law N° 04/2012 of February 17.2012, governing the organization and the functioning of national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Rwanda.

Since its creation, SaferRwanda has been a role model for program initiatives and actions which have positively affected women and girls, poverty alleviation, and climate change.

Visioning for a peaceful and prosperous society, SaferRwanda attracts both local and international partnerships which enable the organization to extend its interventions throughout the country for community transformation.


SaferRwanda’s vision is for a peaceful and prosperous society.


SaferRwanda enhances long-term environmental protection and climate change resilience, gender equality, women empowerment, human rights protection, poverty reduction, promotion of good agricultural practices, fighting malnutrition, and upholding a culture of peace and safety in Rwanda.
We aim to live our mission through various partnerships both local and international.


Core Values
• Empowerment: We equip women and female youth with the capacities they
need to increase their knowledge and skills, have access to opportunities and
networks, control resources, and participate in decision-making.
• Equality: We strive for promoting social inclusion and gender justice.
Partnerships: We believe in collaboration and synergies with other stakeholders to serve more efficiently and comprehensively.
• Environment sensitivity: We feel and act responsibly to environment protection, resilient and adaption to climate change,
• Accountability and Transparency: We ensure transparent mechanisms for managing resources and be accountable to our right-holders, donors, and government stakeholders.
• Innovation and creativity: We believe in evidence-informed innovations for solving problems and advocating for change.
• Ownership and sustainability: We value our stakeholders’ and right-holders participation and contributions to guarantee sustainability of our results.


• To improve the rights of women and girls, and their participation in decision
• To improve on women and girl’s livelihoods-women economic empowerment.
• Reduction of greenhouse gases, deforestation, and improved waste
• To promote early childhood development.
• To reduce conflicts, and burden of unpaid care work of women and girls.
• SaferRwanda enhanced institutional governance and processes.



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