Peace & Security

SaferRwanda has continued to implement its core programs on peace and security i.fighting against illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons, poverty reduction (providing Alternatives for Survival), peace and security, human rights, conflict prevention and management and gender Equality.

The program consists of encouraging the community for voluntary surrender of illicit small arms and influence different groups of the community to participate in all actions against illicit proliferation of small arms and light weapons. To effectively implement the program, SaferRwanda implemented the following five important approaches;

  1. Public sensitization through awareness workshops: Aimed at capacity building , awareness,and responsibility for full support and participation of the local citizens. The approach is more effective in the local population’s conduct and mindset for positive response towards voluntary surrendering of illicit firearms.
  2. Sports and drama competitions :
    -  Sports and Drama Competition (football competitions) and drama as one of our Awareness raising strategies effectively impacted on positive and cohesive transformation of community members in the following,
    -  Attracted attention of the large Audience and this was an opportunity to pass the message on the problem of illicit small arms to as many as possible community members since the majority of Rwandan community, especially youth like football matches as their most entertaining sport.
    -  This gathering was also an opportunity to express themselves and share experiences, exchange views and opinions about the illicit proliferation of SALW,
  1. Integration of developmental activities: These have been distributed as incentives for poverty reduction and liveli hood improvement(goats, cows, pigs and poultry farming) to the community members to support sustainable action against small arms.
  2. Formation of anti – small arms groups: gthrough training of trainers workshops The strategy consists of empowering the trained community members who continue to sensitize and mobilize their fellow community members. The same club members ensures transparent rotational manner in their clubs and most of them are in the process of forming cooperatives.

Since 2003, SaferRwanda have been conducting awareness raising campaigns on the problem of illicit proliferation of SALW and advocacy for voluntary surrender of illicit small arms particularly in western Province (Rubavu district), Northern province (Musanze & Gicumbi districts), Eastern Province (Bugesera and Kayonza districts) and Kigali city. All workshops are intended for grass root leaders, opinion leaders and special groups such as ex – combatants (ex FDLR, ex FAR and ex RDF/RPA), COMMUNITY Based Organizations (CBOs), Religious representatives youth and women cooperatives.

  1. Main streaming of gender in action against small arms as for UN resolution 1325: The strategy consists of including women in all activities designed for combating against illicit small arms in the community. The illicit small arms are misused to commit or facilitate human rights abuses and commonly serious impacts on women such as rape, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, sexual slavery, gender based violence and domestic violence. It is in this context SaferRwanda considers women as critical performer to peace building in the community which is essential to the success of peace and conflicts resolution.