Continue addressing the problem of illicit Small Arms to attain lasting peace

Awareness raising campaigns on illicit proliferation of SALW in some category of members of the community such as this category of ex-combatants, enable participants to quickly get the message. There are also fruitful in sharing experiences since the group seems to be homogeneous. From the new acquired knowledge concerning illicit SALW and their impacts, participants have understood that illicit SALW are not only a threat to the development of the country but also to the lives of owners’ families, friends, neighbours and the surrounding communities. Participants have got to know that the problem of Illicit SALW is everybody’s concern. They realized that if we fail as individuals to act against illicit SALW, we are failing our lives and those of our communities. The motto to remember for every participant goes: “Removing one firearm in illegal hands is as very important as saving the lives of millions”.


The result of ex-combatants’ commitment to join the fight against the proliferation of illicit SALW was a considerable number of explosives and Small arms’ ammunition voluntary surrendered, especially in Kimonyi Sector, Musanze District in Northern Province.