Peace building & Conflict prevention and management

In Africa and else where in the world, conflicts have affected innocent civilians in several critical ways. Human suffering caused by conflicts of that kind have direct and indirect severe impacts on the society, ranging from loss of lives to permanent trauma and physiological torture. In the great lakes region, conflicts have further fueled gender based violence (GBV) characterized by abuse of human rights.

The African traditional culture tends to be biased on gender issue whereby males are taken to be superior. This has always been a disguise for all sorts of discrimination against females in the society with an excuse of abiding by traditional customs. These mischievous acts are result of domestic conflicts and violation of women’s right.

Rwanda as a special case still has fresh memories of the 1994 genocide during which women suffered most and still live on with the resultant impacts. However, major rifts in the community are yet to be healed. SaferRwanda has been investing concrete efforts towards unity, healing and reconciliation. It is on the same basis that it has been working with zeal strengthening peace and security in the country through promoting the role of women in peace building initiatives.

SaferRwanda has conducted training of trainers’ workshops for women in the Northern Province (Kimonyi Sector – Musanze District and Byumba Sector – Gicumbi District). Additionally, it has empowered women economically throgh domestic animals such as goats, cows, pigs and poultry farming .